At Evermore, we believe there shouldn’t be barriers to making special memories that will last a lifetime. The resort has been built with guests of all abilities in mind. So has this website. We hope all visitors discover that exploring is easy, and staying at Evermore Orlando Resort is one of the best vacation decisions they’ve ever made.

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Although not ADA compliant, every house at Evermore allows for barrier-free entry and wheelchair access to a master on the main floor.


Evermore Orlando Resort welcomes guests of all abilities. Construction of the resort followed the statutes of the ADA (Department of Justice ADA Title III Regulation 28 CFR Part 36, 1991). Our website offers descriptions of the property that are intended to help any visitor make an informed decision about whether Evermore is suited to their needs.

Each ADA accommodation type at Evermore is compliant with wheelchair accessibility including a roll-in shower, lower countertops, and wheelchair clearances throughout. If you have additional questions about ADA accommodations, please reach out to our reservation specialists at (855) 341-9527.